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The influence of cuisine in contemporary art prints

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The Philosophy Department of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and the Obra Social de CatalunyaCaixa have collaborated to include a module designed by Ferran Adrià, entitled Feeding Thought, to the master Thinking of today’s art / Grammatics of contemporary art prints.

The course, which was started from February to May 2011, coinciding with the exhibition at La Pedrera The Art of Eating, which was held from March 14 to July 10.

Among the new areas of research that is opening in the field of contemporary art prints, Ferran Adrià has incorporated the collaboration in the design of this master module on the impact that avant-garde cuisine has on contemporary art prints and its theorization, with the aim of providing theoretical continuity to the artistic panorama opened by the inclusion, in 2007, of El Bulli in the Documenta XII of Kassel.

Food as art
This line of work in terms of contemporary art prints coincides with the proposal made by the new Obra Social de CatalunyaCaixa, where food is analyzed and treated from its various sources from the Alícia Foundation, with special attention to the formulation of good eating habits and their impact on health. Another fundamental aspect is the relationship that food has maintained and maintains with art. The result of this interest was the creation of this master’s degree and the next major exhibition, The Art of Eating at La Pedrera, with the participation of great artists from all over the world.

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The module is part of the master’s course Thinking about Contemporary Art Prints / Grammatics of Contemporary Art Prints, directed by Jèssica Jaques and Gerard Vilar, professors of Aesthetics and Theory of Arts of the Philosophy Department of the UAB. In October 2010, the Master began its XII edition. With the inclusion of this new module Feeding Thought, this academic program remains firm in its vocation to consider the forms of contemporary creativity as a privileged place for thought, as well as to explore new territories in the research of the Theory of Arts and Aesthetics.

In addition to Ferrán Adrià, personalities of the stature of Hannah Collins, Miquel Molins, Josep Perelló, Vicens Todolí, Yves Michaud, Christoph Menke, Anna Maria Guasch, Joan Minguet, Josep Maria Pinto, Alexander García Düttmann and a group of food critics and art critics.