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Art, it is something that was never or can never be defined. The beauty of the word is, it’s divine. When people showcase the world about what they think consciously or subconsciously, something beautiful or meaningful using skill, imagination, dedication, and perfection, through an audio or visual medium, it’s called art.

In other words, it’s the way to express the emotions, the individual experience, not only by words alone but on canvas with paints, brush, and crayons, on stage with movements of hands and legs or by the act of producing sounds with voice. But, until we know how to use the content and the medium properly, it’s not termed as art. Once we have the canvas in front of us, we shall move the brush and used the paint and mixtures in a way, or move the hands and legs in a particular method synchronized with the story, or produce sound with a voice in a musical way with the regular use of intonation and rhythm, then we can term it as the art of painting, dance, and sing.

So, let’s start it by saying that art is not in the media, but the content and emotion expressed in the media.

The concept of “art” is quite diverse. Once the basic is learned, we gradually get an understanding that it’s the beauty that we are looking for in the presentation rather than the mere use of the mediums.

Beauty, how to define it? Well, beauty is much more than a meager work of cosmetic, which make things pretty. To clear this statement, while hovering around, we come across many works that have plenty of pretty things stored, like the statue of a kid throwing out fountain into the pool, the man on a bicycle with balloons in his right hand and candies on the other, the performer on the square, the sculpture of the owner of the pawn shop, sitting outside on the bench and many other such expressions of humankind. Off late, they’re too pretty, but are they beautiful? Well, not necessarily. It’s rather the measure of us that’s affected by the work, the emotions that are touched, that can rather be defined as beautiful or not beautiful. We can assume that a successful communication emotion between the artist and the audience can better define a beautiful work, rather than just a presentation. Since none of the formers can justify a certain measure, so we can leave the discussion of beauty to being subjective.

The concept of “art” includes art, music, poetry, architecture, and many other things we face on a daily basis. Every kind of artistic activity is characterized by certain positive qualities. Every sphere of art has a special way of reproducing reality and artistic tasks. All kinds of artistic activities are divided into generations and genres. 
In general, the technique is divided into three groups:

  • Tonic (music and poetry);
  • shaped (architecture, painting, and sculpture);
  • mixed (choreography, drama, elocution, and others).

There are different forms of art:

  • spatially revealed by the construction of a visible image (sculpture, architecture);
  • temporarily, (poetry, music) in which developable in real time composition is meaningful;
  • Space-time – spectacular art (circus, cinema, choreography).

mrinmoy barua


Graphics is the kind of art that contains a drawing and print graphics images (engraving, Dinotopia both). The means of expression are circuit bar and background blur. It is very well known that this is the most popular form of art. It has a lot to do with a picture with its content and form of a graph.

Engraving is a type of graphics, where the pattern impressions are printed, and then it is applied with a special engraver. The engraving can be displayed on a metal, wood, and linoleum.

Another popular type of graphics is lithography. This is a special process for planographic printing, in which the printing plate is the surface of a stone. This art form was invented in 1798. The picture on the stone is applied with a special pencil or mascara.

mrinmoy barua

(Source- Artful Life)

Graphics is the oldest of them all. The first pictures of graphics are from the Neolithic and Bronze Age. Our ancestors scratch out drawing on cave walls and rocks. After some time, the picture applied to the weapons and everyday objects. Once graphics were used as a script in the design of the letters, books, and letters.

All Images were created in a single copy because the pictures copied over the years were not known. It is no secret that today such graphics have heavy demand from collectors.

In the middle of the 20th century, the experts began to develop the technology of black and white graphics. more than 20 variants of graphic textures were created. Training documents published. Today’s schedule is a leader in the arts.

mrinmoy barua


Bento – it is an unusual art for children and adults. It’s no secret that many parents do not know how to teach their child to have a healthy diet. Today the stores have a wide range of harmful and dangerous food. For help, a new kind of art can come into the picture. It is known as bento. The origin of It can be found in China. It is a process which the people in China are fond of using, when the food they prepare, are packed in special boxes and carry them to school or work. Bento is a work of art that you can prepare and eat. Housewives and talented chefs create meals of small figures and pictures. The main difference between a meal is its balance and the presence of large amounts of vitamins. The Chinese have created an edible work of art only from healthy foods.

Bento is an art for children and adults, through which the child is happy to learn about and eat healthy foods. This is not that popular, but we already know a few artists who know this technique.

mrinmoy barua

The influence of art on the mind and the life of a child. How to explain a child about the contemporary art activity?

Art plays an important role in a child’s life and development of his personality. Today, every single person should have at least basic knowledge in a specific field of activity. Society is developing at a good pace, and therefore people who are multi-layered happen to go farther. Parents today are trying to instill a love for the arts possibly in the beginning of a child’s basic education itself, followed by a considerable amount of training. It, therefore, develops a positive personality and helps in understanding the value of life as well.

The concept of art is better explained in schools. In general, parents, teachers, and educators should pay more attention to reading, writing, arithmetic and other topics under the responsibility of the left hemisphere of the brain. For the further development, one must engage in music, dance, and other arts. It is important to develop both hemispheres of the brain to be a fully trained and a responsible person.

The benefits that occur by incorporating art into a child are that

  • It generates identity,
  • It increases the level of intellectual potential,
  • It forms moral guidelines,
  • It develops the ability to think creatively,
  • it increases the confidence and self-esteem,
  • It develops memory and attention, &
  • It Expands horizons.

In order to familiarize the child with the art, it is important to organize a zone first in which, it is important to store all the materials needed for the creative industries. You need to have a few books on art at home and from early childhood, a child needs to read it. It is important to discuss all studies, alongside for an introduction to the arts, at least once a month you should visit a museum, galleries, theaters, and exhibitions with the children. It is recommended that in no case, one shall dispose of the substance like paintings, applications, and crafts created by children. Thanks to them you can see the creative growth of the child. It’s also important, that as soon as you can write it in a thematic circle of meetings, that can please you.

Some of the works of contemporary art is confusing not only children but adults as well. Quite often we see, one or the other child cannot understand the architecture designed by the modernists. It is important for students to declare that every piece of art is an important stage in the evolution of humanity.

Many abstract questions in children result in the making of abstract paintings. There are a considerable number of special editions by which parents can show their child how difficult it is to create such a work of art. One of them is “Be Your Own Kandinsky”.

Children are interested in these type of arts, and it is possible for them to compare the modern and primitive art. This and much more can be found in our article.

Visual arts – The history of development in Russia

There are a large number and different types of art. Each of them has its own characteristics and advantages. Almost everyone knows what art is, so let’s talk about the Fine Arts. It is a kind of artistic activity, which requires a certain set of skills and imagination. The story in Russia is divided into two periods that marked the boundary of Peter’s reforms. In old Russia, the painting was closely connected with the worship of icons. These icons have a special artistic style. The purpose of these works is to show prayer, meetings and rest in communion with God. This is what explains the presence of icons with the help of some artistic means. Over time artisans mastered the Byzantine style, opening a school of icon painting. “Trinity”, is one the most famous artwork contributed to the society by Andrej Rublev. Icons in the 15th – 16th centuries had a different harmony of colors.

In the 17th century, popular symbols were “fryazhskie letters.” They are characterized by elements of Western painting, namely oil paints, the similarity of cut-off modeling, defining the relationship between human and nature. The interest in the icon as a work of art emerged only in the 19th century.

Old Russian sculpture exists in the form of stone carvings and wood. Most of the time the Master depicted the images of saints. Particular attention was paid to the face. In the 18-19th century, sculptors and painters were invited from other countries. After some time, they had become popular domestic champions.

The 18th century did prove to be the most popular in academic painting. It was characterized by austerity patterns and using the convention color plots of the Bible and mythology.

In the years 1860-1880, the first gallery opened, and janitors were known all over the world. Gradually, there are new directions and each of them has an important place to shape the cultural heritage. In the 18th to 19th century, humanity has not only known what to use the visual arts but also to how to actively use it.

The topics covered in art

Surprisingly, all the themes and questions that the masters show in their artworks are relevant for many centuries. The ancient Romans claimed that art, unlike human life, was forever and It is not accidental. The topics included the art on social problems that are not uncommon today. That’s why they have a great value for humanity to make. Masters often reveals in their works the theme of love, nature, and friendship.

Over time, Art kept changing directions, and new masters, but the themes and characters remain unchanged. That’s why all work remains relevant over the years.

Art and its role

The role of art in society is invaluable. It is based on artistic and imaginative reflection of reality. Art forms a kind of spiritual person, their feelings, thoughts, and outlook. Imaginative re-creation of reality creates our personality. Art helps to develop and improve also, to learn about the world and yourself.

Art is a cultural heritage. Thanks to the artworks, by the help of which, we can find out how people lived at one time or another. Lately, the different art techniques are particularly popular. Thanks to technology that can help us learn to master ourselves. While creating any kind of art, you can forget about the problems of life and get rid of the depression.

Art and its goals

Maxim Gorky thought that the art challenges are a moral and aesthetic evaluation of all material events. The writer said that learning means to understand this yourself, to deal with something that is not original, to be able to understand people and find something good in them. Today, there are three known features of artistic activity. The objectives of engineering in research, journalism, and education. Experts believe that the function of artistic activity is to bring beauty in the souls and hearts of the people. Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol claims that the task of art is the representation of reality.

Modern and primitive art

Many people wonder if it is possible to compare the modern and primitive art. At first glance, it is impossible. However, it is not. When you perceive, art as a way to express personality, and the modern and primitive works in the same level and If you compare them, we can understand how to change the perception of the person.

Human thinking has become more abstract. This indicates an active development of intelligence. Over time, a person changes priority and today life do not look so primitive. Artists are interested in the appearance of the subject and its form, but we shouldn’t also forget that an important role in the works occupy emotions. This difference exists since the late 19th century.


It is important to develop from an early age, ––not just the left, but also the right hemisphere of the brain. It is important to pay attention to the creative development of the child. It is strongly advised to do so from the childhood days of the kid’s life. Everyone does not have the understanding thus doesn’t admire the pursuance of the role, tasks, and forms of art. This article may be of little help to provide a basic understanding of the art and with a little help, and dedication anyone can draw a masterpiece.


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