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Contemporary Wall Art Decor – How to Get Into an Art Gallery

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The artists who are new in the contemporary wall art decor industry and have a very less experience in exhibition and sales struggle a lot to find the right door that will open for them. It is not very easy to break even in the business of contemporary wall art decor. In order to get the business from art galleries, the artists make many mistakes. Going to the galleries and exhibition where you are not even invited is only going to give you discouragement and not going to take you in a right direction. Another common mistake that people make is by sending out random emails with attachments which nobody even asked for. I hope we all know what these galleries do with these emails and images! Nothing!!

So now the question arises is how to get into a contemporary wall art decor gallery or a modern abstract wall art gallery? Here are a few tips that are going to help you to get into an art gallery.

1 You are the right judge, which is the best place to buy art

Do a self-research on the galleries that is worth enough to put up your talent. A gallery today is not just a gallery; it is a creative vendor or an agent that have great interest and principles of art. Showing an attitude to the gallerist that your art is made out of heaven and it will change their whole enterprise in gold will not help you. On the other hand, it is egoistic and rude as well. Understand, the gallery is the whole vision for the gallerist. Before submitting your artwork, sit and think about the galleries that are even interested in showing your artwork

2 Make a relation with contemporary wall art decor gallery

The primary way of getting into a gallery is via relationships. This means that either somebody else introduced you to the gallery or they met you initially. First, create a relationship with the gallery and then think about submitting your artwork. For instance, if you have found an art gallery which will be the right fit for your modern abstract art, contemporary wall art decor, and the figurative paints, then come in a relationship with them first. Go through their past events, talk to them about their experience in those events, appreciate their work and efforts, tell them how much you love their work, visit and give some time on their website, become a member online, be a part of their mailing list, follow and like them on social media. By doing all this, you will come closer to the radar of the gallery.

3 Know the submission rules first

You should always have a rebuttal for their denial. Know their submission policies in advance. It is not hard to find out their policies. Visit their website and you will find all the submission terms and c condition. Once you have a hold on it, the next step is to get into the guidelines. For instance, their guideline says only 15 images to be submitted, then don’t

Send them 50 images, even if they all are your favorite. Pick and choose the right images that get the major attraction. The modern abstract wall art and contemporary wall art decor could be one of those centers of attraction.

4 Be their guest

Instead of thinking about what they can offer you, turn the question around. Think of how well you can work to add more grace to their contemporary wall art decor gallery. Think about the marketing strategy to help them also. Work for yourself but think about them also.

For them, giving their platform to a new artist has a huge gamble in it. They already have enough talented people who are waiting to get this opportunity and get into their gallery. If they choose you, prove to them that you are worth it.

Choose your speech wisely

Make sure you have enough content to speak on each and every artwork you have put up in the display for contemporary wall art decor or modern abstract wall art. Don’t use arrogant lines like “my work speaks on its own.” If that was the case, no one would have asked you to speak. Remember that you have to show the interest in your artwork to keep the audience engaged. Advice them about the best place they can buy art online is on their website. Offer everyone to have a look at your website once.

Develop an audience for your contemporary wall art decor in advance

Many people believe that it is the contemporary wall art decor gallery’s job to get the audience for you. Well, it is your responsibility too. Nobody would know your target audience better than you. You do not have to brag about the number of fans you have. Telling them honestly that you have loyal fans for your contemporary wall art decor will give them a sense of assurance and security.

As mentioned earlier social media is the best platform for your contemporary wall art decor. When they know the best place to buy art online is from you and your modern abstract wall art and your contemporary wall art decor is uniquely indifferent, the number of followers will increase automatically. This will give more and more footfall on your exhibition with a fully fledged online promotion.

Another way to make your website the best place to buy art online is that, if you have the list of people who have bought your modern abstract wall art, contemporary wall art decor, and figurative arts in past, start sending emails to all of them. Invite all of them to gracefully. You know people can buy art from anywhere be it online or offline but what they don’t know is the best place to find art online is with you only.

This looks easy but isn’t that easy. It may have a few difficulties and troubles on its way. Success doesn’t come seamlessly, it comes with stress and struggle. But remember, you cannot quit. Hit the pedal and set yourself as this is how you get into an art gallery.

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